Face to Face with Melina Manandhar

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nepali actress melina manandhar

Aasish Kumar Jha, June 8, 2009

Melina Manandar is the ravishing actor who has brought charm to the Nepalese cinema for more than a decade.

She is still at top and still ready to go long. She is one of the famous and talented actresses in Nepali cinema. Priyasi, Feri Arko Saino , Diajo, Simana and Mamaghar are some of the movies she played and was well received by the crowd. Apart from the movies, she has played in telefilms and few music videos. Her appearance in "Pani Pani bhayo Mann pani" and "Chupa chap" was appreciated by many.

She was born to late Mr. Mann Krishna Manandar and Mrs. Lalita Manandar and her entire childhood passed in Kathmandu. It was her mother who had inspired her to become an actress. She is married now, and still is continuing her career as an actress. She feels she was lucky to have a Mr. Mukesh Dhakal as her husband who connects to her feelings and lets her do at what she is best at.

She was in Pokhara to shoot her upcoming movie "Bhul bhaye maaf gara" and taking that an opportunity we went to the shooting spot to take her interview. She was sleeping in a jeep when we went to approach for interview. She smiled and warmly accepted our humble request. She came out of the jeep and sat on a chair and carelessly adjusted her hair. Seeing her live was a dream come true for us.

nepali actress melina manandharHow did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time for your first movie?
Well, I exactly don’t remember the dialogue but I do remember the scene. I was so excited at that time as it was the first time, I had faced a camera. The scenario was that: my car breaks down and on my way to garage; I come across the hero of that film. I really felt nervous at that time.

Among all your films, which film is close to your heart?
The film that is very close to me is "Priyasi".

Which role in the movie you played satisfied you most?
I was very satisfied with the role in Feri Arko Saino and Diajo.

Why did you take a long break in the career; Is it because you weren’t offered any films?
It’s not that I disappeared, actually at that time, many films weren’t directed like today and I was also busy managing time for my serial ‘Karuna’.

What was the main aim to make the TV serial “Karuna”?
Well, it didn’t happened all of sudden or with an aim. The director of this serial "Mahendra Budhathoki" is a friend of mine, so on request of him I joined him.

Nowadays every heroine is ready to do glamour scenes, what would you like to say about it?
It would be quite wrong to say that actors are interested to play glamorous role; the actor just gets into the character as per the need of the story. If the story demands glamour, then an actor should be ready to give it but personally, I feel some heroine are trying to give more than what's demanded in the movie.

What differences can you find in today's cinema in comparison to past years?
There’s not much difference in the films though some changes can be seen in the technology. The film makers have become more creative than before but there are lots of things that need to be changed for the betterment of Nepali Cinema.

Most of the actress stops their career after their marriage but your case has been contradictory to this, what do have to say about it?
I would like to give the full credit to my family and my dear husband. My father-in-law is so sweet and his philosophy is so inspiring. Actually, sometimes I feel I am more conservative than him. Thus, its due to family, my marriage became strength for my career rather than a weakness.

How do you take politics as?
I know Politics is everyon's cup of tea but don't know why I am not interested in politics. So I don’t have much knowledge regarding it.

Who is your favorite politician and why?
My favorite is Subash Newang as I have heard a lot of good things about him. I think he isn’t corrupt like other.

As an artist how would you define Pokhara as?
I really don't have words to define it. It’s a very beautiful place and I sometimes feel that if there was a heaven then it would be like this.

Would you like to share a few words about your upcoming movie?
Well, I can only give you little detail only. It’s a family drama. In this movie, there is everything included like romance, tragedy and action. In this movie, few conspire to separate me and Nikhil, but at the end its ends happily. For more detail, you need to come to the Cinema theaters and watch the movie.

Let me ask you some personal question, in your view what do you think of "Sex"?
It’s a natural process.

What is love?
It’s just like a deep ocean that you can't measure but feel.

How do you define life as?
Life is a stage where you got to face struggles.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?
Umm…I like to sleep but to my bad luck, I don’t get any leisure.

And lastly what would you like to say to your well-wisher?
I would request them to love Nepali film and Nepali artists.
Source - Pokharacity

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